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HERIZ is a Vietnamese-based manufacturer and the main activity of the company is concentrated in the development, production like: Data, HDMI, SATA, RCA Cables and IoT Product, and distribution of customer electronic components and devices for industrial purposes.


A product portfolio of over 20 in-stock line items, along with our custom cable solutions, allows us to supply state-of-the-art connectivity systems for industrial, infrastructure and office applications.


Combining a vast array of products with a footprint of four sales and production locations in two countries, makes us a reliable partner for our customers.

Strategic Management

To pass the Quality Inspection which examines all critical elements, our products has to go through three sophisticated...

Executive Innonvation

All our innovations are based on key insights into what consumers want and need. We aim to develop products that have purpose...

Leadership Development

Product design teams take our breakthroughs in science and technology one step further, turning unique insights into the products that...

Core Value

 We are organised into four simply core categories - Innovation, Human, Reliability and Challenge. Our R&D organisation works in each of these categories, helping them deliver innovations through our process of 'Discover, Design, Deploy'